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What We Do
We Hire Only The Best
Integrity and Excellence

By providing only consultants with excellent technical skills and expertise, we

can be confident that our clients receive outstanding consulting services.


Our high standards are achieved by our combination of technical interviews

conducted by highly experienced interviewers, in conjunction with evaluations

of each candidate's past career performance, goals and objectives, and

organizational preferences. We undertake an extensive background check of

former work and personal references. Combining the results of this evaluation

with those of our technical testing process allows us efficiently to select the consultant best suited to our client's needs.


We have conducted so many as to turn this process into a science. In fact, many organizations seeking permanent employees have benefited from our recruiting expertise by calling upon us to perform our Technical Evaluation for their prospective permanent staff. This is an aspect of the service that we do not actively promote but which does in fact illustrate our expertise in this area.


Each candidate is given an intensive 45 to 60 minute technical evaluation. The results are then summarized in our technical evaluation report, which indicates the candidate's level of experience.


DataRich International only hires candidates with above average technical understanding (8 or above on a scale of 1 to 10). Since our caliber as a company is measured by the caliber of people we employ, we are assured a high level of client satisfaction.

DataRich International personnel are all well trained, highly experienced, technical experts. Our consultants average over 10 years of consulting experience. We provide consulting/training services in 28 states throughout the United States. We are in contact with over 500 organizations throughout the United States and currently provide services in the Northeast, South, Midwest and West. Since we are so well represented in each geographic area of the country, we can provide our clients with all necessary levels of support and backup.

These are our firm's core values as well as the professional attitudes of timeliness, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence, which have been the foundation of many long-term client relationships. We strive to remain up-to-date on our clients' activities and plans so as to be a true partner when the need arises.

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