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Our Story


DataRich was founded in 1981 by CEO, Stan Richman. Prior to 1981, with a newly minted MBA, Richman started as a Systems Consultant for American Express. He was with American Express for nearly 5 years. While at American Express, he interfaced with not only internal staff, but with outside consulting and recruiting firms. Some of these consulting and recruiting firms fell short on integrity and professionalism. Richman knew he could provide better services and that fueled his desire to start his own technology focused company. Thus, DataRich Management Systems was born.

In1989, Richman opened a recruiting office in the U.K., and became known as DataRich International. That same year, Synon, a product developed in the U.K., was purchased by a client of DataRich International. Within 3 years, DataRich was providing Synon contract services to over 10 clients, including IBM, which helped to put DataRich "on the map". It was Richman's steadfast efforts and sincere focus on his clients which built the company to 87 customers, 25 of which have been DataRich partners for at least 10 consecutive years. Today, DataRich represents the culmination of that combined entrepreneurial spirit, drive, and vision.


For more than 36 years, companies have relied upon DataRich for a wide range of expert consultants in business management applications, support and services. Over time, DataRich has grown and developed to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Currently our consultative services support U.S. and International customers. Our sole focus is to provide top quality, highly revered software consultants to large and mid-sized businesses.

DataRich International has grown considerably since 1981. Much of the credit for this expansion belongs to each one of our employees. As DataRich International continues to grow and progress, we want you to grow and progress with us. As a member of our team, you and your job performance are vital to our continued success in providing our clients with the best possible service.


You will be joining a team of dedicated and friendly people who are committed to providing high quality services to our clients. We provide our employees with comfortable working conditions, as well as competitive wages and benefits.


It is our desire that your employment at DataRich International develops into a mutually rewarding relationship.

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